Jonathan Children’s Trust Identity Design

We designed the logo, website, and various identity elements for Jonathan Children’s Trust, a nonprofit organization in Zimbabwe which aims to restore human dignity to orphans and vulnerable children through education, love, and provision of daily human needs.

JCT pattern on video.

1. Logo

The symbol is playful in its representation of the sun, as Jonathan Children’s Trust aims to work with children, yet serious as the design is not directed towards an audience of children, but compassionate people who are motivated to make new paths, new opportunities, and new ways of seeing life for children, families, and communities in need.

At its core is a heart, as the organization is centered on love, which motivates their work. Radial arrows represent the love as it works outwardly creating new opportunities that would otherwise not exist for those limited by poverty.

jonathan children's trust logo symbol


jonathan children's trust full lockup

Horizontal lockup

jonathan children's trust short lockup

Horizontal lockup (abbreviated)

Logo animations.

2. Pattern

A pattern inspired by the concept that love, through the provision of education and daily human needs, opens up new directions, new opportunities, and a new perspective.

jonathan children's trust pattern yellow on white

JCT Pattern

jonathan children's trust new opportunities pattern on photo of Zimbabwe children laughing

JCT pattern on photo.

3. Web

jonathan children's trust web

Jonathan Children’s Trust website.

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