This is who we are

We are Jamus and Adriana Marquette. Jamus is originally from New York, Adriana is originally from Bogotá, Colombia. We both graduated from SVA (the School of Visual Arts) in New York City with BFA’s in Graphic Design, and from Summit International School of Ministry in Pennsylvania with an education in biblical studies.

The long story short

In 2011, living and working in Manhattan as graphic designers, we went on our first short term mission trip to India working with women and children in the redlight district of Pune who were trapped in sexual slavery. Upon our return home we realized that the value of our things and our way of life was incomparable to that of the people who we were privileged to serve, and the opportunity to serve them.

Shortly after, compelled by the story in Luke 5:1-11 in which Jesus asked Peter to take Him from the shore, into the shallow waters and into the deep, we recognized that we were being called to do the same. To leave the shore (the stability and security which we found in our careers, our home, our possessions, and our way of life), to go into the shallow water (a place of preparation for the deep), into the deep (the mission field—a place in which we would no longer rely on the stability and security found in our lives on the shore), and to simply trust Him. So thats what we did.

Within a few months we had given away nearly all of our possessions, left our careers and our home, and found ourselves in the place of preparation—Summit International School of Ministry in Grantville, Pennsylvania. This was a time of biblical study, but more so a time of preparation for our hearts as we learned to trust God. We left the stability and security of our careers, ended up in the middle of nowhere, and found that God, our provider, is more stable and secure than all that we had left behind. It was a step of faith, that prepared us for greater steps.

Following bible school our preparation continued as Pastors Glen and Mona Stephen, of Living Hope Church of God, welcomed us into their home in Canada, giving us the privilege to glean from their wisdom, experience, and example. It was a time of personal growth and healing, as well as a time in which we were equipped with tools to help provide counsel for others in need.

Our next step, our first long term mission, was at Fundacion Ciudad Refugio, where we worked with the homeless, addicted, and children and youth from slums, poor neighborhoods, and the streets of Medellin, Colombia. In Medellin, we also had the unexpected opportunity to volunteer using our design background for Restaurants on Mission, a foundation that aims to support individuals—who have been victims of extreme poverty, homelessness, addiction, sexual abuse and/or slavery, or are currently starting over as an ex-convict or refugee
—in their reintegration into the workforce so they are able to take a step toward a better life.

We are on a journey of faith, and God has been faithful to provide each step along the way. The value of what we have left behind does not equate to that of the people in which we have had the opportunity to serve and build relationships with, the experiences we’ve had, and our personal growth—in our relationship with God and with each other.

Please contact us if you have questions. Click here if you are interested in supporting us and our volunteer work.

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